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Company history

It all began in the beginning of July 1973, when Siegfried Kromer established a workshop in Radolfzell. It all started with a hand-controlled lathe. 


sk Kromer GmbH HistoryShortly after, he helped his enterprise to both a bigger lathe and a milling machine, which enabled him to expand upon his service range.

Spirit of innovation and forward thinking manifested in the house of Kromer, when the first computer-controlled lathe was purchased, which certainly wasn't a given at the time. Soon the plant could employ permanent workers. Then came the first CNS-controlled milling machine.




sk Kromer GmbH HistoryWith the purchase of a new machine, the construction of another production hall was required. Built and inaugurated in 1986.







sk Kromer GmbH HistoryMeanwhile the machine park as well as the production hall have been extended. As of today the restructured sk Kromer GmbH is a modern enterprise with its never-ceasing commitment to product optimisation, product quality and delivery reliability, which makes it a reliable partner for their clients.

At this point we'd like to thank all our customers for their trust.