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Range of services

Through our highly structured workflow and our quality management system, which is fully DIN-certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, we guarantee top quality and delivery reliability throughout.

A future-oriented business like ours places great value on a modern machine park with only the latest technologies. Constant preventive maintenance of our machinery and further training of our employees allow us to comply to customer requests more flexibly. 

sk Kromer GmbH Services On our five-axes machining area we mill and drill workpieces up to 4000mm x 1000mm x 1300mm. For the machining of turned parts, turning centers with live tools with a maximum turning diameter of up to 1000mm are available.

For further refinements, such as anodizing, hardening, tempering, chrome and nickel plating, deburring and other special arrangements, which we can not carry out in-house, we refer to our reliable and long-term partners. In addition to assembly-ready parts, we also provide wholly assembled modules.  

That way you receive your complete parts directly from us - in top quality - at a fair price!


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